Our Solutions

Oryx Payment

We provide you with a fully payment gateway that includes a range of online payment methods, which are the payment through ATM, Credit Card, Direct Mobile Billing and the Third Party (PayPal, Bitcoin…). You will be able to change the settings of your payment methods easily by accessing to your Admin Portal.

Electronic Kiosk

Just call us and we will easily add the QMOBILEPAY option on your self-service machines to receive your payment from customers who are interested to use mobile pay. Most customers and staff find that it’s considerably quicker to pay with a mobile device than a credit card. Customers will continue to pay for goods or services, because they don’t want to wait a long time in que or line.

Mobile Application

Start using QMOBILEPAY service by placing it easily on your mobile application, to allow customers to pay the fees of your goods or services easily. This service will increase the speed of customers’ checking out. In addition, customers like quick services and new convenient ways when it comes to paying for their desired goods or services.


Customers need an easy way of payment to keep them visiting your website on a regular base. Q Pay mobile offers you the most smart, convenient and revolutionary payment method, which is direct billing to ease costumers’ buying experience.

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